Friday, June 1, 2012

COLLECTION #243: Vintage How And Why Library

I love these books. I have four volumes of these Vintage 1940s editions of the How And Why Library: Nature, Heroes, Knowledge, and Travel. They are children's reference books. A fifth volume exists- Stories, which I would love to own someday. These books were published beginning in 1930, by the LJ Bullard Co. Mine are the 1945 edition. I adore the illustrations, especially the simple line art and art deco covers. I'll just post some photos of the various pages, and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Adorable endpapers


Anonymous said...

I grew up with these books and, although I don't have much $, I would love, love, love to find a copy of the Stories volume. Best, of course, would be to have the whole set. Can anyone help? If you can, please write to: If you have one and don't want to part with it, could I get some content from the Stories volume?

Unknown said...

Great Pictures!

I have had the “Stories” volume of this series since I was a child (I was born in 1958). I think it must have belonged to my much older siblings first. Unfortunately the cover has been “loved” clean off the thing and a lot of the pages are ripped. Years ago I discovered a good clean copy of this book in an antique mall in San Dimas, but when I asked about purchasing it the person running the mall said she didn’t know what the dealer wanted for it as it was just being used as a decoration for a bookcase she was trying to sell. My beat up copy is buried in a storage unit in Simi Valley following a move. I hope one day soon to get my hands on it again.

GG said...

I have all five volumns of the How and Why Library by L.J. Bullard. I would like to sell them. Can you tell me what they are worth.?

SJJ Gorham said...

I have a set of 6 of these and loved them growing up. When I open them now, it's like seeing an old friend. I have: Stepping Stones, Knowledge, Stories, Travel, Heroes, Nature, copyright 1952. I also have the Rainbow Dictionary that came with the set and some monthly pamphlets that came as well.

Anonymous said...

I have "Stories" copyright 1956
BEAUTIFUL. ANYONE interested ?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have 6 of these books. I was born in 1946 and the copyright is 1946. A couple are in great shape the rest have pencil makings but are fully together, binder and all.I am moving and all my kids and grandkids are grown, anyone interested in buying email me at

R. Ottoson said...

I have a 5 volume set that was given to my mother back in 1941. The copyright date is 1939 but lists other copyright dates as 1937, 1934, and 1930. This series actually has 2 pages in the book, one of a small girl child, the other a page that mentions this series as a gift that states-

" Name - To Whom it was presented on the occasion of her ninth Birthday, June 6, 1941".

It also includes "The Guide to The How and Why Library" which has a complete listing of all the stories, poems, articles in the series and which book you can find them in. Some posts on this page lists a 6th book," Stepping Stones" included in this series. Unfortunately, there is no mention of this particular book included in the series that I have, so my guess would be that it was added to the collection at a later date. Would still like to get a copy of Stepping Stones. As a kid, I loved reading the fourth book, "My StoryBook" and have to say that it was always my favorite. Unfortunately, I never did read any of the other books in the series so I guess I was a little bit biased with the fourth. Anyway, these books meant a lot to me growing up and from what I have read on these posts, It meant a lot to a lot of other people. Memories are a great thing.